29 Apr

The tide of AI

  • 09:30 am
  • vh Ulm, Kornhauspl. 5, 89073 Ulm

“Chat GPT chat GPT chat GPT” – perhaps you have heard this so often recently that you want everyone to shut up about it. It might have got you wondering what it is, or perhaps it has sparked your interest and you have already got an account. Whether it has ignited curiosity, bewilderment, or rejection in you, it is not going to go away. It is likely to become highly relevant to what our clients /learners expect and demand, regardless of which sector we work in. This workshop will provide relevant content for people working in corporate, higher education or adult education sectors. ELTAU is offering you the chance to find out more about what AI (artificial intelligence) tools are, and think about your working future in the context of their growth. Room open from 9:00 for coffee Session 1 9:30 – 12:30 AI and Schrödinger’s Cat with James Quartley James Quartley is greatly interested in the topic of AI: how it can be used by our learners, and how it affects us and our work. He has personally explored the topic from a technical, philosophical, and practical point of view. In his workshop, he will be taking a pragmatic look at the technology and guiding us through some fundamental questions and the currently available answers. These will act as a springboard to participants' involvement in brainstorming. · A description of what AI natural language processing tools (such as ChatGPT and DeepL) are and where they stand currently. · Successes and limitations - examples of what it currently can and can’t do. · What we should be wary of… · How to face the challenges that AI bring to the profession. James worked as a freelance in graphics, desktop publishing and new media during the 90s, before studying for a BA in Applied Linguistics, a PGCE, and MA in ELT. He has worked as an English language lecturer at Universität Ulm since 2009. Session 2 13:45 – 16:45 Future-proofing ourselves with Tanja Murphy The focus of this session is how to future-proof myself and my business. To do this, we will be using several different ideation tools to re-examine the potential challenges AI technologies may pose to the industry. Our goal will be to capture insights at an industry-specific and personal level, which means going beyond ‘what do we now know?’ to ‘what do we now do?’. 3 key areas we will be exploring are • market demand • noticeable trends • what skills I want to hone or acquire to future-proof myself and my business Please don’t leave your critical thinking, collaborative or self-analysis skills at home – you’ll be needing them to maximise the takeaways from this session. Tanja’s career path is an example of embracing change and opportunities. Beginning with breaking-in and training competition horses, she spent many years as the liaison between a German CEO and his international line managers. She now focuses on communication skills for international organisations, translates and interprets for pharma regulatory inspections, and supports multiple NGOs and CSOs in diverse roles. Free for members of a German ELTA External guests welcome for an attendace fee of 15€ Paymnet details in the registration form. Registration deadline 19 April