07 Oct

English for Artists

  • 11:00 am
  • vh Ulm, Kornhauspl. 5, 89073 Ulm

Workshop with Sarah Plochl. Logistics, banking, IT – most careers come with a vast supply of bespoke ESP resources. But what about the creative professions? Is a curriculum possible for artists and other creatives, or are their needs simply too wild and individual? If you imagine that working with artists is all about free-flowing creativity and abandonment of any linguistic standards, you are forgetting one trait that nearly all artists share: perfectionism. This is precisely what makes them such interesting (and difficult) language learners: creative people feel an urge to both rebel against form and a deep-seated need to try to control it. This workshop explores the question of how best to work with professionals who need to be able to express their own creative ideas in international contexts (applicable to artistic and other careers). Free for members of a German ELTA External guests welcome for an attendace fee of 10€ Payment details in the registration form. Registration deadline 29 September.