26 Nov

content! Making writing 'lit' again. Writing for today's learner

  • 01:00 pm
  • Düsseldorf & online

With László Németh. The changing needs of present-day learners, coupled with some ongoing global issues and processes, have acted as a catalyst for change in (language) education. Digital literacy has become a key skill, and online resources and teaching materials have come to the forefront of language teaching. This has implications for lesson planning and materials writing, which, on a surface level, may seem as a dull and daunting process; however, with a few carefully selected creative and relevant resources (e.g., materials taken from social media), every classroom can be spiced up in ways that motivate and engage learners. The workshop will introduce a more universal, conceptual framework for designing classes (or learning experiences), capitalising on a few points to make lesson planning simpler and more feasible. We will also devote some time to better understand 21st-century learners and their learning. In this practical session, participants will have the opportunity to try out lots of activities that integrate the aforementioned framework and social-media inspired activities. László is an aspiring professional who loves all things related to education, with a primary focus on language teaching. He has gained vast experience working with various age groups in both public and private settings. While pursuing a PhD in multilingualism at the University of Pannonia, he is a full-time university lecturer and freelance English teacher, materials writer, and educational consultant. His main research interests lie in authentic classroom materials, educational technologies, as well as teaching life competencies and transversal skills. He has been on the IATEFL-Hungary committee since 2018 and acted as President of the Association since January 2022. Hybrid event! In-person attendance open to all. Online attendance reserved for members of a German ELTA. Please register by Thursday 24th November.