08 Oct

Coaxing out the inner hermit

  • 02:00 pm
  • online

In the following three talks we will demonstrate that we can take the skills which make us excellent teachers and trainers - such as the ability to engage people, the ability to give clear explanations and the ability to structure content - and to tweak these both to attract the “right” students and to engage in a professional exchange of ideas with global peers. Even as teachers and trainers who work with people on a daily basis, many of us regard ourselves as introverts rather than extroverts. With this in mind, we will look at concrete steps that we can take to marry our inward perspective of improving our work in the classroom with the outward perspective of interacting with "strangers" via our own website, through social media and through successful networking. Make your website your best salesperson - using your unique skills as a language teacher. Bio: Gabriella Ferenczi is a German and Hungarian language teacher, language coach. She lives in London, UK, where she runs a boutique language training company called ProLingua Global. She hosts Language Professionals' Networking Event, an independent monthly social initiative. In late 2020, she launched Thrive Online, an online space with free marketing tips and tools for language professionals who don’t like tech. It’s a place where they can find practical guidance and step by step help to turn more online browsers into buyers. Bio: Andy Leal has been working as a Business English, interpersonal skills and intercultural trainer for the past thirty years. As the owner of O’CONNOR Language and Communication for Business, he combines this training experience with first-hand business knowledge to support clients develop their language skills and adopt new behaviours when working in an international context. Bio: Simona combines her passions for language, science and the natural world when providing English training and coaching to life scientists. She holds a BA in English linguistics, a masters' degree in epidemiology and public health, and a CELTA teaching certificate. Earlier in her life, she was an epidemiologist and a scientific editor. Free for members of a German ELTA. External guests welcome to join for a fee of €10.