We are all influencers. Be it ever so slightly, even our most fleeting encounters

leave their mark. And if there’s one skill, above all others, that will help our

learners get ahead in the world of international business, it’s the skill of

influencing. For influencing drives all the other competencies needed to manage

up, down and sideways in organisations face to face, virtually and across

cultures. So, whether our classroom focus is on networking, videoconferencing,

negotiations, confrontations or presentations, exerting positive influence is likely

to be the underlying goal. But what exactly is positive influence? And what makes

us as intercultural language specialists ideally placed to develop it in our


Though not an exact science, positive influence is an evidence

based approach

to making a constructive difference at work, a subtle set of tools and techniques

to make others more receptive to our needs and ideas. Informed by robust

psychological research, even small linguistic and paralinguistic adjustments can

have a big effect. And regardless of our culture, gender or professional status,

certain optimal communicative principles seem to hold true.

So join me in this highly practical and interactive session to flex your influence

muscles through guided discussions, role plays and micro case studies. Critically

appraise the leading gurus past and present. And together we may discover that,

much more than just persuasion’s charming cousin, positive influence is about

pull rather than push, about the interests of others rather than self interest and,

as remote working continues to drive us apart, might just be the uber skill we all

need to close the distance