20 Apr

The Tide of AI 2: Riding the Wave

  • 10:00 am
  • vh Ulm. Kornhausgasse AND online

At last year’s ELTAU workshops on AI, James revealed how text-generators work and highlighted the critical thinking we will need to navigate the significant issues that their use brings. While Tanja showed us how proactive planning and future-focused strategies will guide our career success, when dealing with these technologies. This 3-hour workshop builds on a year of knowledge and experience and will put humans back centre stage. Using examples, ideation, and group tasks, we will work on using our natural language ability in order to get results. As well as discovering how others’ workflows (at all levels of success) can fuel our own discoveries with using AI. We are all experts in our own domains of use, this workshop will celebrate that and encourage the use of it. Tanja’s career path is an example of embracing change and opportunities. Beginning with breaking-in and training competition horses, she spent many years as the liaison between a German CEO and his international line managers. She now focuses on communication skills for international organisations, translates and interprets for pharma regulatory inspections, and supports multiple NGOs and CSOs in diverse roles. James Quartley is a university lecturer and greatly interested in the topic of AI: how it is used by our learners, and how it affects us and our work. He approaches the topic from a philosophical and practical point of view and teaches AI-specific undergraduate and graduate language courses. If you’d like a refresher of James’s talk from last year, here is a shortened video of the main ideas. Please register by 12th April 2024